Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chickens we love Chickens

Here are two activities that students at Sargent Park School did

Chicken Games

This is an activity the grade 2's at Sargent Park did in Collaboration with an elementary school in Jacksonville, Florida using the book "Big Chickens" by Leslie Helakjoski. In gym the children were taught a variety of games using a rubber chicken.

Hatching our Chickens

The Kindergarten students at Sargent Park School in Winnipeg, Manitoba hatched chicken eggs in their classroom. This video shows the story of their journey in learning about chicken egg hatching. We are contributing to the Big Chicken project in collaboration with a school in Jacksonville, Florida.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Big Chicken Endings - Mr. O's Third Grade

Hello all!

This is our class acting out new endings to Big Chickens. We hope you enjoy each one. These are third grade students...the finest in Michigan! Each play begins when the WOLF is in the cave and the chickens don't know what he is!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Using Big Huge Labs

We used a site called Big Huge Labs to create a poster for our book of the month Big Chickens. Check it out, it's lots of fun!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Big Chicken Chart

Our teacher got a Twitter message about The Big Chicken Project so we decided to join the group because we're no chickens! We read the book aloud and looked at the Big Chickens Blog. It was great to see all of the different projects the classes had done. We left comments on some of them and we looked at the cluster map to see that people all over the world were looking at the same website we were looking at. We made a chart together that showed what we were afraid of. We had cows, water, caves, and growls to choose from. Every girl in Junior Kindergarten got one vote. (We don't have any boys at our school.) We were most afraid of growls and least afraid of cows. The book was very funny and we liked the part where the wolf was afraid of the chickens.
From the Junior Kindergarten Girls at St. Mary's School in Memphis, TN.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mall-ard's "Big Chicken" Retelling

Big Chickens is a wonderful book that the children loved hearing again and again. Students made paper bag puppets and put together the following play. We hope you enjoy it! Special thanks to Conor - who is reading the book.

Big Chickens Puppet Show from Cheryl Dillard on Vimeo.

Big Chickens Visit Chets Creek

BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing

Our class decided to write a Chets Creek version of this entertaining story. We tried several different websites before finally deciding to use BubbleShare to tell our story. We hope you enjoy it!
By Mrs. Ross and Mrs. McLeod's Second Graders

Are You a Big Chicken?

Are you a big chicken? Leslie Helakoski’s book, Big Chickens, is the story of four frightened fouls fleeing (alliteration) a wolf who wanders into the barnyard. In an effort to escape, they hoot, scoot, and boot (rhyming words) it out of there and into one dangerous situation after another.
Today, in Readers’ Workshop, we took a picture walk of Henry Cole’s illustrations and inferred the feelings of both the frightened fouls and the wandering wolf. Read our class’ comments about what these characters are really like.